F/OSS Projects
mbed NXP ARM Cortex-M3 LPC1768
VGA 640x480 Console Mode - Generate a VGA signal.

Opus Una - A Small Cooperative Multitasking Kernel.

fastlib - C library to access LPC17xx peripherals. It uses static inline functions, constant propagation and dead code elimination to be as fast as possible, which means faster than the mbed library and CMSIS.
USnooBie Atmel AVR ATmega328p
V-USB MIDI Bass Pedals
V-USB MIDI Expression Pedal
I wrote and maintain several decoders and demuxers of the FFmpeg libraries.
I am the author and/or maintainer of several filters and output drivers of perhaps the best multimedia player for *nix.
Here's a small, lightweight JSON library I wrote in C. Used by the Hardware Detection Tool.
An autoclicker for Linux and other unices. Cheat with games ;)
Minix Package Manager (project on hold)
A simple but fairly effective package manager for Minix 3, written in sh (Bourne Shell). Should ultimately turn into a homebrew distro. Currently on hold, but contains a collection of ports that might be of interest (heirloom toolchest, window maker, et cetera).

The repo contains a few side-projects:

lazybox - busybox like single-call binary for Minix 3
progmtr - progress meter
pmpkg-config - poor man's pkgconfig written in sh
colorcc - colorizes the output of ack, gcc, suncc and icc
bzcp - stripped down bunzip2
Fixed Point Math Macro Library (project on hold)
Old. I'd redo it with inline functions. Still, it contains some nifty ideas for fast integer math.
Update: I released a beta version of the macro version on 2008-03-19 that contains everything that was committed to CVS in 2006. After that, I migrated the repo to Subversion and am now working on a rewrite. The macro version will not be developed any further.
Atari 8-Bit
My blog at AtariAge. Contains:

A sortable MOS 6502 Opcode Table.

Atmas II Manual

Guitar Building
Some guitar building stuff. Wiring, effects, sound hole templates and my own handmade guitars.
Guitar Chords and Tabs
I have transcribed a few songs over the years. Most of them were hosted by olga.net. Currently, Olga is facing difficulties, so I'll host them here, too.
Radio Domino (not updated anymore)
I volunteer to host a weekly radio show at Radio Domino. Here are some of my past setlists.
Trio Bier
Page about a Dutch band.
Genealogy / Genealogie
I have collected information on several surnames:

  • Van Poorten (Zeeland, Amsterdam, Overijssel, Gelderland, ...)
  • Greven (Steenwijk, Overijssel, ...)
  • Jeschar (Poland, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, ...) (note: ALL Dutch Jeschars are related)
  • Capelle (Overijssel, Amsterdam, ...)
  • Padding (Avereest, Overijssel, ...)

If you think you are related, you can contact me privately at ivop@euronet.nl and I can send you a login and password to access my private database (read-only).

Lego Animations
Stuff you do when you are really bored.

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